Heart Surgeries At any given time, there may be as many as 10,000 children waiting to receive heart surgeries in Uganda.
These children are waiting for a chance to be a normal and happy child. Children with heart defects miss a normal childhood. They can’t run and play, and many can’t walk across the room without help. Without surgery, the child’s life is full of medicines, doctor visits, and hospital stays. Every health episode puts the family deeper into debt. Every year without surgery puts the child further behind in school. Lack of proper oxygen delivery to vital organs causes permanent damage. Many of these children die while waiting for help. A surgery ranges from 5,000 USD and ACDIPE only needs 10,200 USD for medical, Upkeep, Visa and accomodation to support a child’s life-saving surgery. We partner with Uganda’s top hospitals and surgeons in Narayana Health, Apollo, National Heart Institute, and USA Hospitals to ensure that our children receive the best care possible.
Program Impact:
To date, Action for Disadvantaged People in Uganda has saved more than 100 children and wants to help many, many more. Giving them a second chance at life is only the first critical step in helping them achieve a better life. Once a child has his or her health, a world of possibilities opens up, and they can finally start imagining a future that stretches beyond tomorrow.
A recent study of heart surgeries in Uganda estimates that there are thousands of children waiting at any time to recieve this surgery.Many will die waiting for help.
Chronic diseases don`t observe the boundaries of geography or economics, but the treatments often do.In Uganda ,where many families earn only a few shillings per day,specialized pediatric healthcare is beyond their grasp.
Poor children in Uganda suffer from no hope as their families lack funds to access medical care and the associated transportation.Action for Disadvantaged People is beginning to look for solutions to heal all chronic diseases in children,however, our focus since inception has been children with congenital heart defects.  
Continuing Care: 
Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) cause economic hardships insurmountable to many families in rural areas of Uganda. Parents are devastated financially as they struggle to care for their children. In response, Action for Disadvantaged People established the Continuing Care Program in Uganda for children and their families. This program protects a child designated at-risk in the crucial year after surgery by providing one year of post-operative medical care, nutritional support, and money for school fees to the child and family.
Family Grants: 
Action for Disadvantaged People serves disadvantaged children in Uganda, and among them are the poorest of the poor. For the destitute families of these children, who have no money, possessions, or, in many cases, housing, they will need extra support during their child’s hospitalization that extends beyond the cost of the heart surgery. The Family Grants Program grew out of this need, giving extremely poor families a one-time grant to cover nutrition, travel, and medical costs associated with their child’s heart operation. 
Program Impact:
Action for Disadvantaged People has assisted over 200 families with 124 family grants for nutrition and transportation.
How You Can Help:
Donate 200 USD to help an at-risk child cover nutrition.