Despite the fact that some heart problems are treatable, 8,000 of these patients at the UHI who present with rheumatic heart disease need surgery and yet the Institute can only handle 200 of them. The average child with heart disease faces enormous obstacles in accessing cardiac care services in Uganda. Down at the grassroots of village setting, a child only has a realistic chance of being recognized with heart disease if they meet a medical doctor from a district hospital or health center 4 level upward which is not an easy encounter as most of the doctors are not readily available and some parents lack the facilitation to these places at an earlier stage of the defect.

Great appreciation is and will always be extended to the Uganda Heart Institute which has fulfilled its mandate as the national referral center for treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the Country, in routinely performing closed heart surgeries like Patient Ductus Arteniosus (PDA) ligation and pericardiectomy since 1997. However we cannot ignore the fact that there are only 4 surgeons, 5 cardiologists, 1 operating theater at the UHI. On average, the center performs about twenty-five (25)open heart surgeries per year of which most of them are congenital heart diseases leaving out many of the unattended to patients to the fate of mortar/ death.

The priority of Action for disadvantaged people is to assist families who are battling childhood heart disease. The foundation supports and networks with other community organizations,Bank of Uganda,Rotary clubs  that provide direct family support and services to children diagnosed with a congenital heart disease and their families.
Action for disadvantaged people directly provides assistance to these families and their children in the Uganda.

How we can specifically help:

Medical expenses – Surgery costs like hospital bills, medicine and extra costs in case the patient requires a pace maker.

Travel – We arrange their travel documents like, MEDIF`s , COVID tests, Passports, transport to and from the air port and raise air-tickets.

Encouragement- Our partner hospital organises birthdays cakes ,provides clothes and care to the patients while in hospital.

Activities - provide opportunities for families of children with heart complications by empowering them to start up small scale businesses.