The Heart of the Matter:
Heart disease among infants is an unrelenting adversary, silently affecting the most vulnerable members of our society. The pain and helplessness faced by families with newborns diagnosed with congenital heart diseases are immeasurable. These families, grappling with the anguish of watching their infants fight for every breath, need our unwavering support.

The Impact to Date:
Action for Disadvantaged People (ACDIPE), has been working relentlessly to address this crisis. To date, we have successfully referred and provided life-saving interventions for over 400 newborns suffering from severe heart diseases. These babies, once clinging to the brink of life, are now thriving, smiling, and building futures that seemed distant just a short while ago.
Our achievements are heartwarming, but we are only at the beginning of our journey. There are countless more newborns in desperate need of help, and we refuse to turn a blind eye to their cries for survival.

Strategic Goals:
Our mission is ambitious, but we are driven by a commitment to save lives. Here are our strategic goals for the near future:

  1. Early Detection and Intervention:
    We aim to strengthen our efforts in early detection and referral of newborns with heart diseases, ensuring that medical interventions are provided at the earliest possible stage.

  2. Access to Quality Care:
    We strive to enhance access to specialized pediatric cardiac care, regardless of the families' financial means or geographical location. We aim to partner with hospitals and institutions dedicated to treating pediatric heart diseases.

  3. Awareness and Education:
    We plan to expand our awareness campaigns, educating communities, families, and healthcare providers about the importance of early detection and intervention in saving infants with heart diseases.

  4. Research and Innovation: Collaboration with medical researchers and institutions is integral to our mission. We aim to support research that can lead to breakthroughs in the treatment of pediatric heart conditions.
Comprehensive Support: Our ultimate goal is to provide holistic support for families, including emotional and financial assistance. We want to stand by their side throughout the challenging journey of caring for their infants.