ACDIPE recognises the importance of addressing the challenges of HIV and AIDS in its work with vulnerable communities in Uganda.  

We support a holistic, inclusive and compassionate approach to HIV and AIDS which is founded on accurate and current information and which recognises the need for practical and realistic solutions. 
We recognise the value of different approaches to HIV and AIDS in different communities, with different age groups, lifestyles and livelihoods.  We favour approaches which have been developed in response to the local context and which
Tackle discrimination, stigma and isolation of PLWHAs
Take a whole community approach, rather than focusing only on prevention or those who are HIV positive
Are based on ensuring dissemination of accurate, current information
Embrace the need for support for those affected directly and indirectly
Actively engage PLWHAs in all aspects of the project design, implementation and evaluation
ACDIPE finds the ABC framework to working with HIV and AIDS (Abstinence, Be Faithful, Condom use) somewhat limiting and does not support the highly judgemental ways in which it is sometimes used, where A and B are portrayed as more morally sound and responsible than C.  There can be a tendency for the ABC framework to limit the discussion to sexual activity and prevention of transmission, ignoring other important aspects of the HIV and AIDS debate.

ACDIPE feels that the SAVE framework is more in line with our values and mission.  

S – Safe Practices :
Safe practices mean that individuals, families, communities and organisations are encouraged to adopt practices which reduce the chances of infection and appropriate in their particular situation.
These will be different for different people.
For example
For a pregnant woman who is HIV positive it will mean making sure she reduces the risk of mother-to-child transmission
  • For a drug-user it might mean not sharing needles, as a first step
  • For a hospital surgeon operating on a wide range of patients it might mean putting those with contagious diseases at the end of the operation list and taking extra precautions to avoid cross contamination or infection of the medical staff
  • For children at school it might mean promoting abstinence and delaying the onset of sexual activity, and where appropriate, condom use
A - Accessing appropriate interventions (drug and non-drug) :
V – Verification :
E – Education :
Conclusion :