Women Empowerment
Action for Disadvantaged People (ACDIPE) is a non-profit organization that works with rural women groups in Uganda.ACDIPE aims at improving the livelihoods of the rural marginalized women and their children through food security and environment, health, economic empowerment, human rights and HIV/AIDS.

This organization is one that has combined financial and technical assistance for rural women with empowerment and training programs. ACDIPE has encouraged village women to organize themselves into groups, which has created strong bonds within members of the groups. Instead of struggling alone, now these women can work together to solve problems. ACDIPE has a focus on participatory, sunstainable and empowerment projects. Currently,ACDIPE has helped to establish more than 5 women groups.

ACDIPE has over the past worked with women to improve household food security and incomes by engaging the women in improved methods and better practices of farming, liquid soap making, poultry and  collective marketing of the produce, training in women rights and engaging the women in various income generating projects. The main emphasis is put on knowledge and skills acquisition.