OVC Education &Vocational Support.


Uganda’s education system is comprised of an early childhood programme that caters for children aged 3-5 years (preprimary education), followed by seven (7) years of primary education, followed by four (4) years of Ordinary Level secondary education, two (2) years of Advanced Level secondary education and the final tier is three (3) to five (5) years of Tertiary education. Each level is nationally examined with certificates awarded.

At ACDIPE we believe that good and quality education helps children reach their full potential. However, millions of children and youth are not in able to access education and even when some attend, they are not learning basic skills like reading, writing and math. For this reason, providing young children with quality learning experiences which stimulate healthy neural connections has a crucial role in developing cognitive skills.

The difficult socio-economic circumstances that vulnerable children encounter often entwine with other family related factors such as domestic violence, low incomes, household food insecurity, and poor child care practices which further compound their vulnerability.

ACDIPE’s Orphans and Vulnerable Children Education Program revolves around five major areas towards finding the best solutions to help children learn and thrive.

Early Child Care and Development: 
These programs are focused on children aged 0-6, a period of tremendous growth in all areas of a child’s development. ACDIPE’s Early Child Care and Development interventions aim at bringing all efforts to enable parents or caregivers promote brain development, health and well-being as their children prepare for school.
Basic Education:
School Health and Nutrition:
Education Research: 
Education in and after Emergencies: