Action for Disadvantaged People emerged to address the social and economic crises then afflicting the children in Uganda, highlighting them as orphan and vulnerable. People in Uganda are hardworking (they’ve had to be to survive); they love their families and want to provide for them. What they need is a supportive hand up. 
The enraged high levels of poverty due to HIV/AIDS and unemployment, depressed the already unstable socio-economic situation.
ACDIPE`s work was then implemented to mitigate the negative impact of poverty on the deprived children. Since then ACDIPE has targeted poverty reduction and human development.
Action for Disadvantaged People focuses on specific orphan and vulnerable children as the program target group and promotes their participation in their own development. This process has enabled them to improve their livelihoods, contribute to the development of their community and develop a permanent voice to influence their future.
The role of ACDIPE in poverty alleviation is based on the ability to reach those most needy/vulnerable children, by promoting education, improving access to better health and providing psychosocial support to the children in the areas of  Wakiso and Gombe.